remodel existing kennelLike any industry, the field of canine care is competitive. It is important to stay current and atop of the latest trends. If you own a kennel or other type of canine care facility, give your business a fresh look through a remodel job—as advised by the professional consulting services at Life is Woof.

Why is a remodel necessary?

Canine care has evolved past just providing for the basic needs of dogs—food, shelter, and playtime, while their owners are away or at work. Luxury is now the name of the game. For many people, their dogs are not just pets – they are family. As a result, many owners prefer to choose a canine care facility where their beloved four-legged friends receive some extra TLC. Choosing exactly how to upgrade your facility, and in which way, can seem daunting because there are so many options. The consulting services of Life is Woof help eliminate the guesswork by narrowing the field to the best options for your facility to both maximize your space and the level of care.

Aspects of a remodel to consider

  • New perks Refurbishing your canine care facility is about more than just a physical remodel. Consider freshening up your business by offering new services such as training, grooming, retail sales, and dog walking. You also may consider expanding from only allowing overnight stays to also offering doggie daycare service for people to drop off their canines for a day of fun while they head to school or work.
  • Think homey The most successful canine care facilities market themselves to their clients as a home away from home for dogs. Refurbishing the internal walls and floors of each individual kennel with appropriate material can create a more domestic feel while also making them easier to clean. We also can provide consulting advice to give each kennel greater access to natural light, while also emphasizing ventilation, comfortable bedding, and even additions to help create a stress-free environment for each dog under your care.
  • Safety first The consultants at Life is Woof will evaluate every aspect of your kennel for safety because we believe this should be the utmost priority of any canine care facility. Even a dog spa that does not allow overnight stays should be equipped with safety features to make sure each canine guest leaves happy and healthy. One aspect of safety also is making sure that your guests have the chance to interact with one another, which helps to minimize stress or anxiety for the dogs.

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The willingness to adapt is key to being successful in any type of business. At Life is Woof, you have a trusted and experienced professional as your advisor, Holly Myers, who has spent more than a decade operating her own self-designed facility, AllDogs Canine Care Center in east Tennessee. She has dedicated her life to care for and help dogs. Now, put her passion to work for you to help your business reach the next level of success!

Life is Woof. It’s a Way of Life. With a business motto such as this, you can be assured you are making the right decision selecting us as your consultant. At Life is Woof we can bring our consultation services to anywhere in the southeast including Atlanta, Lexington/Louisville, and Nashville. To learn more, call us at (855) 329-WOOF.