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There are always new trends and fads. The pet care industry is no exception to this rule. Pet ownership and pet care have experienced massive expansions over the last 30 years. It is estimated that nearly 85 million households have pets, and pet ownership has risen from 56% to 68%. Younger generations are showing a far greater interest in pet-care than generations before. A reason pet ownership has become more popular with younger generations is pet care, and the pet industry, has developed thanks to the Internet. Life is Woof, a pet care consulting company, can help you make your mark in the pet industry.


Rising use of the Internet for daily needs also includes the pet industry. Companies like Amazon and Chewy.com now have created their own brands to eliminate the middle man expenses. Local businesses branch out into online sales creating a more diverse pet care market. Online sales do not only include products, however, it now also is a service provider. Pet care businesses are benefiting from the use of online marketing and booking for services like grooming, boarding, walking, transportation, and an extensive list of other services. Life is Woof itself uses the Internet to be available for consulting like-minded pet care businesses.


Traditional pet foods are being forgotten as a new Internet industry has shown that consumers understand their products more, are reading labels, and prefer healthier options for their pets. Pet lovers everywhere are opting for a fresher, healthier lifestyle for their pets. More fresh, frozen, and natural products appear on the market in stores every day. Pet lovers are also finding more made-to-order dietary options and supplements for their pets. The average pet owner is not only changing their regular diets, but also the recreational side of pet feeding. Pets on average get 6-10 treats a day. Treats are following all of the food trends.


Direct-to-consumer product sales and in-store product availability have greatly increased. Between the Internet, local services, and quick delivery options, the pet products industry has greatly increased based on these new conveniences.


The industry can’t have growth without new concepts. Pets & Money is a company that is holding a conference in Austin, TX to bring early developments pet stage industry creators with investors. The 12 investors for modern examples of businesses pushing this revolution in pet care are:

  1. Pet Plate – a company that makes human grade dog food for a supplement or pets entire nutrition plan.
  2. DOGTV – is exactly what it sounds like a company provides TV programming and access for dogs. It can be used on multiple formats as a subscription or cable add on.
  3. Dig – has created a doggie-dating app.
  4. Mixlab – much like its name, creates personalized medications and wellness supplants for pets based on their size, type, and problems.
  5. Pupjoy – is a subscription-based product that finds customized pet needs and wants based on your pets and your preferences.
  6. Puppy Mama – was founded to help advocate for canine therapy. It also connects dog owners who have similar stories and ideas.
  7. Wondercide – created pest control products that are safe for pets, families, and your home.
  8. Pet – is a company designed like Uber or Lyft, but exclusively so pets can’t be declined.
  9. Animal Biome – is pushing for people to recognize that animals have similar digestive issues to humans (colitis, IBS, etc.) and sells health-testing supplements for pets.

Life is Woof is doing its part to help grow the pet care industry. If you want to leave the best ways to apply the newest trends to your pet care business, Life is Woof can help you learn how. Contact us at lifeiswoof.net to schedule a consultation regarding your pet care business needs.

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