packagesRe-energize Your Pet Care Facility with Jump Start Training

To be successful at your dog daycare business, you first need to know how to run your business; focus on providing quality service to the dogs in your care, as well as how you and your staff communicate with the dog owners. An ineffective staff, poor leadership, and financial mismanagement may prevent your dog daycare from becoming the best that it can, or even cause your business to become stagnant. To ensure that you do not lack in important business strategies, our Jump Start Training with the experts at Life is Woof can provide you with tools and resources that will propel your business, maximizing client growth, revenue, and long-term success.

Getting Started with Jump Start

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: 

We assess your business to see out what works and what doesn’t. We consider the big picture for long-term growth, as well as the details of the day-to-day.

We prefer to examine seven crucial aspects of your business to get started in identifying areas of growth and opportunity:

  • Leadership management – While leadership entails forecasting and planning, we want to make sure your resources are being used appropriately, and efficiently in a manner that motivates and engages your employees.
  • Administration – Making sure that your admin team is working together like a well-oiled machine, we focus on specific roles to ensure resources are used efficiently to combat continued rises in operating costs.
  • Marketing – Done correctly, marketing not only can be used to attract pet owners for business but for hiring accountable and knowledgeable staff. Quality hires have a significant impact on the reputation of your dog daycare, as well as the type of rapport that is built with each the dogs that stay at your facility, and their owners
  • Quality assurance – There are certain regulations involved with owning and operating any business, especially a dog daycare. We help ensure your facility operates in compliance with these regulations.

The information gathered from the assessment allows Life is Woof the opportunity to develop a customized Jump Start Training plan for any dog daycare center.

To obtain a quote for a personalized Jump Start Training plan, contact our office by calling (855) 329-WOOF.

  1. On-site Visit and Initial Implementation:

Following the assessment is an on-site visit to your facility in which we observe and interact with you and your team. This phase is completed by our expert at Life is Woof that has more than a decade of experience in the field of dog daycare. The implementation phase is based on these observations during our on-site visit. We strive to make a profound impact on your team through effective collaboration, and improving processes of your doggie daycare. We will identify opportunities in each facet of your business that you can put to use the very next day.

  1. Continuous Implementation:

Now that your business improvement plan is starting off on the right track, we continue implementing each step of the Jump Start Training plan as we collaborate with your leadership team and employees for the next several weeks. Our highly effective plan is personalized to fit the needs of your dog daycare facility, whether you are launching your business, or seeking to excel it to the next level, we ensure that you remain in control throughout each step of the process.

Life is Woof. It’s a Way of Life. With a business motto such as this, you can be assured you are making the right decision selecting us as your consultant. At Life is Woof we can bring our consultation services to anywhere in the southeast including Atlanta, Lexington/Louisville, and Nashville. To learn more, call us at (855) 329-WOOF.