Starting any new business can be daunting, but especially if you are looking to open a new canine care facility. If you are in the southeast and want to build a new kennel, you should hire the consulting services of Life is Woof.

Animal care facility design is unique

Building a kennel carries a specific set of challenges many business owners may be timid to face or ill equipped to handle. This is because you are not just offering goods and services; you are asking your customers to entrust you with the care of their beloved pets.

Safety should be the top priority when building any kennel or another type of pet care facility. This goes beyond just ensuring the dogs in your facility have shelter. Kennel owners also should take into account factors such as safety including potential causes of stress for dogs in a boarding situation. Unless you have firsthand professional knowledge in these two areas, we highly recommend reaching out to a consulting service such as Life is Woof.

new kennel designBuilding or designing a canine care facility also requires special knowledge of the following factors:

  • Ventilation
  • Construction materials
  • Kennel equipment
  • Sound control and/or soundproofing
  • Cleaning protocols
  • Indoor/outdoor play areas
  • Optimizing space

design1How can Life is Woof help?

Life is Woof has spent years gaining first-hand professional experience in the canine care industry and puts that experience to work for you. Owner and consultant, Holly Myers, has made loving dogs her passion by owning her own successful pet care facility—AllDogs Canine Care Center, which has been catering to its four-legged guests and serving the needs of pet owners in east Tennessee for more than a decade. Myers designed and planned her own facility from the ground up, and now she is prepared to use her own knowledge and expertise to make this process easier for you.

It can be hard to think of everything you need to do as a small business owner, but especially if you are starting out in the animal care industry. Our consulting services help emphasize what areas should be priorities, while also providing insight as to the specific equipment and materials you will need to provide the best level of accommodations for your furry guests.

We can consult at any phase of the building or design process, although adding us to your team as soon as possible in the process will benefit you the most, saving you time, effort, and money while helping to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your operation. We can examine floor plans and, from those, recommend changes that will both reduce your operating costs and provide greater profits. Our consulting service will evaluate all aspects of your new facility, ranging from storage to sound control, and even safety features. Each time we strive to help each of our clients achieve the same result—a fabulous new facility that is efficient and effectively meets the needs of your clients and their pets.

Pet Care Facility Consultation Services in the Southeast

Life is Woof. It’s a Way of Life. With a business motto such as this, you can be assured you are making the right decision selecting us as your consultant. At Life is Woof we can bring our consultation services to anywhere in the southeast including Atlanta, Lexington/Louisville, and Nashville. To learn more, call us at (855) 329-WOOF.