kennel daycareNavigating the business world is not easy. Somewhere along the way whether you are starting off with a brand new business or are a seasoned business owner, you probably will need some advice for helping your business flourish. Why not receive that advice from a professional, experienced source who knows and understands the industry? Life is Woof now offers consultation services for every aspect of owning and operating a canine care center such as kennels, doggie daycares and dog spas throughout the southeastern portion of the United States.

Make your facility stand out

A big part of succeeding, in any industry, is branding your business so that it is unique from competitors. Yes, a kennel fills the needs of most dogs—providing shelter, food, water, and playtime. Labeling your kennel as something more “high end,” such as a dog spa, can make it seem more attractive to consumers—especially if they are among the many who see their pets as family. Upgrade your kennel in the eyes of your customers by offering special perks that provide luxury and safety to your four-legged visitors while also meeting their basic needs for food, shelter, play and even grooming.

Covering all the bases

Starting a new business can seem daunting, especially if you do not have guidance. Have you educated yourself on all the zoning and licensing regulations in your specific location? How about the design of your building? Are you sure you are offering the right array of services to your customers and their dogs? You want to think of these before your grand opening—not after! Remember, a good first impression is crucial, especially in the world of business.

Available in any phase

Maybe you have been operating a kennel or doggy daycare for several years, and are seeking a way to attract new customers or grow your business. Maybe you are preparing for your grand opening, and want to make it an impressive experience in efforts of attracting new clients. Or maybe your business is still in the conceptual stage. Whatever phase your business is in, the professional consulting expertise at Life is Woof can help.

Emphasize care

The same credo applies whether you are operating a full-service overnight luxury dog spa or a doggy daycare, your facility should feel like a second home and customers need to be comfortable leaving their prized pups in your care, and of course, be well equipped with the necessary safety standards.

Experienced counsel

Life is Woof knows the industry of kennels and doggy daycares because we are in the same business ourselves. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, we have been providing luxury daytime and overnight services for a decade to pet owners in Jefferson City and Morristown of east Tennessee. We believe it is important to provide a safe, comfortable, stress-free environment for every canine that walks through our doors. Our core values are to provide an uncompromisingly safe environment, while also showing the utmost respect for our clients as well as their pets. We will work to help you implement these same values to take your canine care facility to new levels of success!

Life is Woof. It’s a Way of Life. With a business motto such as this, you can be assured you are making the right decision selecting us as your consultant. At Life is Woof we can bring our consultation services to anywhere in the southeast including Atlanta, Lexington/Louisville, and Nashville. To learn more, call us at (855) 329-WOOF.