Things to Consider before you Start a Doggy Day Care

start a doggie daycare

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Starting your own doggy daycare sounds fun, but it is a business, which means work. Like all businesses, you have to think about what it will take to get started. Your focus when starting this pet daycare should not be on getting rich. It should be on how to maintain a successful part of the community, while making a profit. Pet lovers everywhere often think how much they’d like to just watch people’s pets for a living. It’s not that simple or easy to run your dog care business.

There are a couple of quick questions to ask yourself that can help determine if you’re ready to run a successful business:

Financials: Are you ready for the financial commitment of operating a business so it can successfully make profits? Also, are you capable of running an organized business with longevity?

Location: Have you found and successfully obtained a physical location that will keep the health standards above par for employees, customers, and animals? Is the facility maintainable and properly located for optimal use?

Vision: Do you have healthy goals, expectations, and an overall vision for your business?

Employees: Have you considered how you will handle employee training? What about supervision, wages, raises, and training needs?

Value: Do you have knowledge of what you will charge for your services versus what people are willing to pay for them? Are the services you’re providing at a fair value to the needs and expectations of your community?

Consumer: Do you know who your customer base is? How can you reach them through your community? Is your business adding to your community?

Health and Safety: Are you providing a safe, healthy, nurturing environment for your clients’ needs? Is your businesses hygiene or standards where they should be, and can you still make reasonable profits?

What do all of those questions have in common?

They all have a cost. You have to know every cost your business will absorb. You may not have a strong business accounting background. That’s ok. You may need to have a professional “bookkeeper,” if finances aren’t your thing. However, you can’t just delegate the bookkeeper with all of the financial responsibilities and then walk away, though. You must maintain the leadership role in your business and should be able to account for your own expenses and profits. You need to stay organized. Having a simple, organized system of records will ensure you never find yourself lost in the woods. You should have a clear-cut business outline of what your business costs, what it makes, how there are some expenses that vary, and how to keep your profit margins steady or increasing. Having a business plan is the safest way to stay in financial control, but you should on a weekly basis make sure you are staying on track as a smart business owner.

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