Positives and Negatives of starting a Dog Grooming Business

starting a dog grooming business

starting a dog grooming businessMorristown, TN

If you are a pet groomer, at some point in time in your career you may feel the urge to start your own business. You’re experienced and you know that grooming is a service many dog owners need because they don’t have the ability or desire to do so themselves. Maybe there’s a lack of similar businesses in the area. Maybe you have a healthy client base where you’re grooming currently, or maybe you don’t have any experience in pet grooming but you are interested in starting a business doing something connected to your love of animals. Whatever the motivation, if you are interested in starting a pet grooming business, here are some things to consider before reaching right away for the clippers and shears.

First, the good news

Working with furry family members essentially ensures that you are spending every day doing something you love—and making money at it. Data compiled by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the pet-grooming industry will grow nearly 20 percent from 2016 to 2026. Since job growth across all industries averages just 7 percent for that same time frame that bodes extremely well.

Building a client base isn’t as difficult as you might think. Most pet grooming businesses work with other kinds of pet care facilities: shelters, pet stores, non-profits, and rescues. These other companies can refer you to clients and will often do so just from working with you.

It is a location-flexible business. Yes, you can have a traditional storefront, but you can also operate out of a van or trailer, or even work from home. Also if you’re uncomfortable with putting that much money into the business right off the bat, you usually can find a space to rent for grooming in other pet businesses like rescues, specialty shops, and shelters.

By the time you’ve completed training you are likely to have the experience dealing with multiple breeds and species. This kind of experience can translate into multiple kinds of jobs in the pet care industry—anything from dog walking or pet sitting to starting your own animal rescue or kennel.

Be sure to consider these factors

Starting any business can be expensive but a pet grooming business or dog spa have particularly high costs: tubs, tables, clippers, scissors, specialty pet skin/hair care products, and location are just a few components to consider. Also becoming a certified pet groomer costs money, although is well worth the investment, just be prepared for this additional cost.

Speaking of grooming, it takes training and experience within the pet care industry to truly understand the troubles that can occur. You have to have knowledge on a variety of different breeds, as well as have the ability to work with different temperaments, untrained pets, and multiple species.

Loving animals is great, but it isn’t going to magically protect you from lawsuits. You will have to have insurance. Leaving yourself liable is not a business option and not legal in all states for a business owner.

Pet business consulting in Morristown

There are risks and rewards with starting a pet grooming business—just like there are with any other start-up small business. It is not always going to be easy but it can be extremely rewarding. The financial benefits can range from $18,000 to $36,000 a year on average, according to the U.S. BLS. If you are still interested in starting your own dog grooming business, Life is Woof wants to help you take the first steps. Twelve years ago, our business was similar to yours and now we are successful and hoping to lead others who have a passion for loving animals into a job that they love.

To learn more about our services or to book a consultation, please visit our website at https://www.lifeiswoof.net.

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