4 things to consider when starting a Pet Boarding Business

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Do you love dogs? If so, have you considered turning your passion into a career? The pet care industry continues to grow, and for protective pet parents who want to make sure their “fur babies” are taken care of while they are working or out of town, hiring the services of a professional pet boarder gives them peace of mind knowing their furry family member is well cared for in their absence. Life is Woof wants to share with you four things to consider when starting your own pet boarding business.

  1. Understand it takes more than a love for dogs to be in this business.

Going to take care of your mom’s puppy or your friend’s family pet is different from having clients and working as a professional pet boarder. Do you know how to work with extremely large breeds of dog? Are you familiar with the unique needs of senior dogs? Will you be willing to work with dogs that have special needs? Plus, not every dog you care for is going to be friendly, so you need to be able to handle a variety of temperaments. You may want to consider pursuing some training before officially opening up shop as a professional pet boarder. Remember that certain organizations offer certifications, which could make your pet-sitting business look more attractive to potential clients.

  1. You need to be able to physically handle dogs of all sizes.

Think about how excited your dog is when you come home after a day out at work, school, or running errands. Now imagine dealing with that excitement multiple times during the day. Each dog on your schedule is likely to be full of pent-up energy and won’t care if you already have had a long, busy day. Make sure you are strong enough and physically able to deal with highly energetic dog breeds or various temperaments.

  1. You need to protect yourself

To protect your assets and minimize your liability, you need to obtain some type of insurance or bonding before offering your pet-sitting services in a professional capacity. You also need to have an emergency policy: what happens if a dog becomes sick or injured under your care? Make sure that all clients know this policy and any other rules regarding liability as it pertains to your services before you begin caring for their dog. It is best practice always to provide clients with copies of these policies, obtaining signatures that they have been provided this information, and that they understand it. When you work with a pet care consultant such as Life is Woof, we can provide or recommend specific information of this sort to be sure you are covered.

  1. You need to be flexible

 Not as in a yoga expert, but schedule wise. If you want to offer pet care services professionally, be prepared to work nights, weekends, and holidays, as these are the times that people are most likely to need someone to take care of their dogs. Make sure all your policies are written down and clearly defined. Are you going to offer last minute or emergency services if someone needs to leave town quickly? Are you available in the middle of the night? You need to decide all the answers to questions like these before officially opening your business.

Getting help to start a pet care facility

As you contemplate opening your own pet sitting business, it is important to start off on the right foot. The pet experts at Life Is Woof are here to help. We are putting our 12 years’ experience in the pet care industry to work for you and will provide guidance on the best way to grow your business to be a successful one. You can contact us now!

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