Make the right Hire for your Dog Care Business

right hire for dog care business

Morristown, TN If you run a pet care business, you know that you face a unique set of challenges. After all, you are charged to care for people’s beloved pets. In order to grow your business, though, at some point you are going to need help—both to make sure that you are supplying the highest level of service possible, and … Read More

Getting the Right Insurance Coverage for your Pet Care Business

insurance for pet care business

Morristown, TN Whether you are looking to start your own business in the pet care industry or you are a seasoned business owner, let’s talk insurance for a moment. In today’s world, there is insurance available for just about anything and everything you can think of. While you certainly hope that you won’t ever have to use it, the policy … Read More

Air Sanitizers, what’s safe to use and what’s not?

air sanitizer whats safe

Morristown, TN When you think about sanitizing, what product comes to mind usually? If you thought of Lysol, then you are like most people. However, when it comes to sanitizing the air in your pet care business, which is the best option? There are many options marketed today including sprays, ozone, ionizers, and UV disinfectants. But, what is the right … Read More

Learn the Hottest Trends in the Pet Care Industry

pet trends

Morristown, TN There are always new trends and fads. The pet care industry is no exception to this rule. Pet ownership and pet care have experienced massive expansions over the last 30 years. It is estimated that nearly 85 million households have pets, and pet ownership has risen from 56% to 68%. Younger generations are showing a far greater interest … Read More

Things to Consider before you Start a Doggy Day Care

start a doggie daycare

Morristown, TN Starting your own doggy daycare sounds fun, but it is a business, which means work. Like all businesses, you have to think about what it will take to get started. Your focus when starting this pet daycare should not be on getting rich. It should be on how to maintain a successful part of the community, while making … Read More

5 things NOT to do when starting a Pet Care Business

dog care business

Morristown, TN When entering the business of pet care, there are a couple of things no one tells you. There are of course the things you should do but, just as important, there are things you don’t do. Life is Woof has built a successful track record in the pet care industry, and we would like to use our knowledge … Read More

Why the Pet Care Industry is Recession-Proof

pet care industry

Morristown, TN How much money do you spend a week on your pet’s food? How about your total spending on veterinary bills? Have you bought them a toy, treats, a bed or carrier? You may not realize it but you spend loads of money on your animals. Guess what, it’s not just you. Americans on average, according to a study … Read More

4 things to consider when starting a Pet Boarding Business

dog boarding business

Morristown, TN Do you love dogs? If so, have you considered turning your passion into a career? The pet care industry continues to grow, and for protective pet parents who want to make sure their “fur babies” are taken care of while they are working or out of town, hiring the services of a professional pet boarder gives them peace … Read More

Positives and Negatives of starting a Dog Grooming Business

starting a dog grooming business

Morristown, TN If you are a pet groomer, at some point in time in your career you may feel the urge to start your own business. You’re experienced and you know that grooming is a service many dog owners need because they don’t have the ability or desire to do so themselves. Maybe there’s a lack of similar businesses in … Read More

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